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Capuchino Surf Screen, 100% all natural sunscreen made in Costa Rica. Specially designed for extreme sports. Chemical free ingredients protecting your skin in all your outdoor activities.

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The Capuchino Surf Screen Story

For every good story told, there is an entire world of background to learn about the people involved.

Our story starts in the Mountains of Bariloche, Argentina (southern Patagonia).

I was raised in a very active family, where hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing and horseback riding were the norm. Along with their healthy lifestyle in the outdoors, my family possessed a deep consciousness for taking care of oneself in the extreme climate that is Patagonia. Living in the high altitude means living very close to the sun. At a young age, I was introduced to many natural home remedies, from cold and flu care to sun protection. My mother, Marta, would make creams to protect the family’s skin from the sun, along with a variety of other home remedies for everyday use.

In the early 2000s, mom relocated to Jaco, Costa Rica, where she was met with yet another harsh climate, this time a tropical one. In 2006, I joined my mother at the beach in Jaco.

In 2008, I started dating a local surf instructor and avid fisherman. And soon after, I picked up the Costa Rican version of snowboarding … surfing!

In my new surfing lifestyle, the battle began for protecting the skin from the hot Costa Rican sun. The search for a sunscreen that would stay on during a full surf session was literally impossible. All the sunscreen I tried seemed to wash off into eyes and the ocean, and would leave my face and back covered with acne. The chemicals in the sunscreen had a smell that told the whole story… toxic to the ocean and to our health.

I began tweaking my family recipe for natural, non-chemical sun protection that could handle the ocean and tropical wet climate of Costa Rica. The goal was simple. Make a natural product that would not come off during surfing, harm the ocean, or cause skin problems, but smell good and leave skin feeling soft, nourished and moisturized.

Spending long hours in the sun surfing and giving surf lessons was the perfect platform to test and perfect the sunscreen. And just like that, Capuchino Surf Screen was born!

Today, we are happy to share our all-natural sunscreen with people from all different walks of life, allowing our repeat customers to continue living their active lifestyle to its fullest potential.

From surfing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, skiing, and cycling, to relaxing seaside on a family day at the beach – always remember to pack your Capuchino Surf Screen for a stress-free day of fun in the sun!

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Save the Coral Reefs – Switch to Non-Chemical Sunscreen

As ocean lovers and international travelers, we surfers, snorkelers, divers, kayakers and beachgoers have a vital responsibility to keep our reefs safe from life-defeating chemical toxins that bleach delicate coral beds and threaten entire underwater ecosystems into species endangerment and severe ecological imbalance. The single most powerful way to protect coral reefs is to remove every last bit of chemical sunscreen from your family’s beach bag, choosing natural alternatives made from zinc oxide and Earth-sourced ingredients that are safe for your skin, and safe for the environment.
The science behind coral devastation from chemical sunscreen is staggering. And it’s no exaggeration to say that even in small amounts, the use of sun-care products are killing coral reefs faster than climate change alone. Studies show that 14,000 pounds per year of chemical sunscreen finds its way off our bodies and into the ocean, responsible for coral bleaching and the death of important reef ecosystems that millions of fish, invertebrate and mammal species rely upon for their survival.
The most harmful chemical culprits are oxybenzone, followed by octinoxate and octocrylene, the common active ingredients in store-bought and beauty counter sunscreen. Scientific research published in Environmental Health Perspectives and Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology has shown that even in minute doses – a single drop in more than four million gallons of water – these chemicals are toxic enough to bleach coral completely within 96 hours. And even if you aren’t going into the ocean with chemical sunscreen on your body, aerosol sprays scatter chemicals across the sand, eventually making their way into the sea. And worse, oxybenzone is detected in urine within 30 minutes of application to the skin, which means that sewer water pumped out into the ocean is also responsible for damaging coral reefs, even if you live miles inland from the coast.
While switching to natural and mineral sunscreens made with zinc oxide won’t single-handedly reduce the detrimental effects of climate change on coral reef ecosystems, it can help minimize our human impact on the environment, particularly in high-density tourist areas like Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, Central America, Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef, where coral bleaching has been most severe.
Wherever we live and travel to experience the magic of the sea, we have an important role to play as conscious consumers in ensuring that our actions support a healthier planet. Switching to non-chemical sunscreen and spreading awareness among your friend and family networks about the harmful effects of store-bought sunscreen on delicate coral reefs is a vital first step in doing your part to protect our seas while staying sun-safe during your favorite outdoor activities.
Capuchino Surf Screen is 100% reef-safe - made with Earth-sourced ingredients and zinc oxide for environmentally friendly sun protection.

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